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sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

Letter to the couple´s victory.

Letter to the couple´s victory.

My son invited me to dinner in the company of a couple of friends.

He ran all right in a peaceful environment, for some reason when the boy began to cry. Immediately the girl accompanied a silent cry, and felt bitter.

I do not know, but they ended up losing a son but twenty-two days of life. We talked a little about the loss and climate gradually returned to normal.

However I could not sleep thinking about the facts.

For we were born? Says St. Thomas Aquinas, who are born through the work and will of God, to love him, serve him and worship him in return for his love who loved us first. But if so, the couple is a double winner.

Wished his son fought for him, allowed him to see the light, gave it a name, a flame, for which he shall be called through all eternity, christened him, elevating him to the membership of the supernatural, and it passed without sin, in the innocence of the love of their parents, in the sincere desire of their parents, to be received by Christ Himself, with open arms, it was who said, "Come unto me the little ones, that theirs is the kingdom of heaven"

Actually the pain is great. Mourning cruel, but you have not lost a child, you gave in the Truth for a special choice for the Love of God, service and reverence to God for all eternity. How many parents have their children under their wings for thirty years or forty years to lose them in fact, without faith, without love, without the service of God without reverence to the Creator? Without love of neighbor?

Mature friend, family friend of my son, was an honor to dine with you, you were already fully victorious in his "firstborn" meeting with him and what he says the old Christian tradition: "The eldest son should be consecrated to God."

And he was. Save Peter.

And on to life because we all find our time. Some earlier and some later, some much later, but all face the truth.

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