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terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

God gives and lead by example.

God gives and lead by example.
But if God, omnipresent, creator of all things, which do not have the need to justify or defend himself wanted to put the blame on the devil making him the dustbin of cosmic consciousness, and so HE got rid of responsibility for the creation of evil, as I presume insignificant creature be able to forgive my enemies. We live millennia men blaming each other, as God made with the devil, for not assume our individual guilt in building this world of violence and blame shifting that we created ... Therefore, a self-exterminating world is what we want.
God gives us this example. Now if God gave us the example to forgive your enemy and counter point in the work of the spiritual world, we would have at least an example, the mirror by which we would look at the presumption of forgiving our enemies. But as this is not the intention of God (at least he did not say anything to that effect, just told me to forgive my enemies, when He does not forgive her) will continue to live in a violent world ... Of our reason.
But God Almighty can not have an enemy, there is no contender to its height, then the devil is our enemy ... And it is our enemy, we must forgive him? Or did not understand anything? Forgiven he would stop in to fill the bag of blame?
Well, death is eternal and temporal appearance and necessity of the essence of true life.
It is our fault?

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